Boarding Dogs Cats
Misty Lakes Boarding Resort is located in Monticello, Florida. It is 16 miles east of Tallahassee on Highway 90 at Misty Lakes Plantation.
The pet boarding resort and kennels are located on a 37 acre park-like setting with ponds, fields, and woods which promise tranquility for the pets that visit us.
We designed the kennel with all the comforts we would want for our own pets - a stress-free environment inside and out. Our home is next to the kennel, so there is always someone on the property.
Your pet is safe and secure while at our resort.
Climate controlled
Indoor classical music, jazz, or news stations
Comfortable bedding
Yummy treats
The runs are 18 feet long with an attached sleeping area.
The kennels are clean and dry and fresh water is always available.
  Each pet is taken outdoors four times daily to a private, beautifully manicured and shaded exercise yard. The yards range in size from 50 x 60 (feet) to acre each.
Misty Lakes Pet Boarding Resort carries a wide assortment of dog food, all top-of-the-line. If your pet is on a prescription diet or medication, we ask that you bring that along. You are also welcome to bring along your pets’ favorite toys.
Our goal is to make your pet as pampered and comfortable as possible during their stay at Misty Lakes. When checking in, please provide us with a current vaccination certificate. We also need to be aware of any health problems or behavior issues that your pet might have.

Specialized Cat Environments

Our feline guests also receive loving care while at the resort. We have a cozy, private room with large condos, complete with hammocks and beds. Your cat will have a wonderful view of the ponds, fields, and woods.