"Fido and the Cadillac" Tallahassee Newspaper Article (reprinted in entirety):

"Nothing is too good for Fido! Ronnie Greenman and his wife, Elizabeth, own Misty Lakes Pet Boarding Resort in Monticello. So when pet owners call and ask, “Can we bring Fido’s pillow, blanket, doll, shirt, pacifier, or little toy?” - the answer is “Sure.”
One family even brought a page from their photo album to be put in their pet’s sleeping area, so he wouldn’t feel lonely while away from home!
So it was not strange when on January 5th the owners of Fido parked their 1998 Cadillac in one of the outside exercise yards at Misty Lakes for Fido to sleep in during the day. It was business as usual! “We just want to be sure he feels at home when we’re on our cruise,” the owners stated.
Nothing is too good for Misty Lakes’ tenants! Ronnie and Elizabeth can’t wait to see who tops that. Don’t get any ideas though: they don’t take mother-in-laws!"

Canine Special Events

Because of the combination of flat meadows, lovely lakes and clean woodlands, Misty Lakes Pet Boarding Resort has been chosen to host many special canine events. Dog agility trials, obedience matches, Schutzhund seminars, Schutzhund competitions, canine freeestyle demonstrations and a National Jack Russell performance competition have all been held at Misty Lakes.